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  • 3. Small Satellite Operations


    1. In-Flight Operations of a High-Availability Nanosatellite Constellation for Maritime Observation

    2. Fully Automated Mission Planning Tool for DEIMOS-2 Agile Satellite

    3. Asap: Autonomous dynamic scheduling for small satellites

    4. Parametric CubeSat Flight Simulation Architecture

    5. Optimization on Mission Operations of the Handicapped FORMOSAT-2

    6. The ITU Radio Regulations - challenges for small satellites

    7. Investigation of Payloads for Small Satellites with a Commercial Overview

    8. A novel business model to substantiate the commercial viability of a CubeSat constellation for advanced Earth Observation and monitoring

    9. Mission Operation Plan for Semi-Autonomous Control of a Remote Sensing LEO Student Microsatellite

    10. ADIA: A Novel Onboard Failure Diagnostic System For Nanosatellites

    11. Distributed Ground Station Network - a global system for tracking and communication with small satellites as an open service

    12. research on small satellite formation inter-satellite measurement and collaborative control

    13. The TET-1 On-Orbit Verification Mission – Status and Future Opportunities