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  • 4. Small Earth Observation Missions


    1. a new payload technique on small satellite for Ionospheric scintillation/TEC determination

    2. Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry Small Satellite Platform

    3. The QB50 Project and the Participation of Chinese Universities

    4. optimizing an infrared camera for observation of atmospheric gravity waves from a cubesat platform

    5. PROBA-V, the Global Vegetation Tracker

    6. A Microwave Remote Sensing Small Satellite Project for Investigation of Oceanic Dynamic Character

    7. Development of a Low-Cost Commercial MicroSat Capable of 1.0 Meter GSD Imagery

    8. Global Disaster Forecasting and Monitoring Satellite System

    9. Russian technologies of monitoring and remote sensing using nanosatellites

    10. Space Based AIS Detection with the Maritime Monitoring and Messaging Microsatellite

    11. Joint EMSA/ESA Initiative for Innovative AIS Satellites, Technologies, Applications and Services

    12. The Canadian Space Agency Microsatellite Program