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  • session 6A
  • 6A. Generic Technologies for Small/Micro Platforms


    1. New Technology Testing Result of SJ-9 Satellite

    2. SDS-4 Attitude Control System: Flight Results of Attitude Control System From Nominal Operation and Extend Mission

    3. Micro Electric Propulsion Technology for Small Satellites: Design, Testing, Missions and In-Orbit Operations

    4. Origami-based Membrane Storage and Deployment Technology for De-orbiting Satellites

    5. Development and Test of Low Cost Solar Panel Technologies for Small Satellites

    6. Generic Thermal Design Strategy for 50kg-class Micro-satellites

    7. Smart Data Communication Solutions for Small Satellites

    8. The introduction of SAST50 Micro-Satellite Platform

    9. Lowering the Cost of Space Access – A New generation of Low Cost SSTL platforms