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  • session 6B
  • 6B. Generic Technologies for Nano/Pico Platforms


    1. Preparing Small Satellites for Big Operations

    2. Anomaly investigation of HORYU-II and lessons learned

    3. The UWE Satellite Bus, a Modular and Flexible Architecture for Future Picosatellite Formations

    4. Design and development approach for a highly capable standard nano-spacecraft

    5. The SwissCube’s technologies results after four years of flight

    6. Active Mapping of CubeSat’s Reflectarray Antenna Pattern with its Attitude Control System

    7. Inter-satellite communication link for a space based interferometer

    8. X band telemetry solution for cube and nano satellite

    9. GAMANET: Disrupting Communications and Networking in Space

    10. A Smartphone based star tracker

    11. Design and development of a Sun simulation device for testing nano-satellites

    12. Evaluation of a commercial-off-the-shelf SQUID magnetometer for nanosatellite space weather missions

    13. Determining position, rotation and orientation for tethered twin nano satellite to map data from an interferometer.

    14. Investigation of a ground station segment for nano-satellites using SDR approach

    15. instrument interface module between the on-board-computer and payloads in cinema cubesat as developed with fpga