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  • 7B. Small Distributed Space Missions


    1. a novel on-orbit servicing technology based on microsatellite platform

    2. Design and Analysis of Distributed Nano-satellite Systems for Multi-angular, Multi-spectral Earth Observation

    3. GPU Accelerated Genetic Algorithm for In-SAR Cluster Configuration Keeping Across-track Baseline under the J2 Perturbation

    4. PROBA-3 Mission for Demonstration of Precise Formation Flying Technologies

    5. The CanX-4&5 Mission: Achieving Precise Formation Flight at the Nanosatellite Scale

    6. The Road To OLFAR - A roadmap to Interferometric Long-Wavelength Radio Astronomy using Miniaturized Distributed Space Systems

    7. A New Side-Tone-based Inter-Satellite Radio Link for Small Satellite Formation Flying

    8. optimal control of 6-dof electromagnetic formation using the legendre pseudospectral method