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  • Space Tourism mission operations and validation criteria and training for developing skilled man power for safe operations

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    Ms. Harisha Emmadi, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India


    Mr. Gurunadh Velidi, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India


    Dr. Ugur Guven, United States



    Aviation operations in the world are more stable in nature with highest order of safety due to the well laid procedure in operations and training. The dream of Space tourism and and market potential is quite attractive to the private parties to start their operations in this areas as well. The common man’s dream will really be full filled if we could able to provide that level of confidence in the initial flights without any hot spots. The mission need to be planned and validated by the space agencies before it put into the market due to the exploration of operations experience.  This paper will address the need of creating a model in developing a standard operational procedure and validation stages along with the ground and space handling requirements. The biggest challenge in this process is to have skilled expertise to handle unusual events in the path.   Safety of common man can be ensured with proper validation of operations at each stage of mission cycle and type of training to be incorporated to the ground personnel, personnel in the space ship, security aspects etc. In this paper we will be discussing about the various mission operations, methods to validate those operations i.e. to execute an operation there will be multiple methods to implement them, but based on our boundary conditions we need to select what is the best best method to execute an operation that validation process for various operations will be discussed in this paper. Validation of operations alone does not fulfill the safety concern of passengers, but we also need to know the what type of trainings, and how to incorporate them into various personnel who are the key people in executing the operations at various stages of mission cycle. Therefore, this paper focuses on mission operations, validation and training which makes the common man to take a step forward to travel by space ship with out any fear.
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