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  • 6. Mission Design, Operations & Optimisation (1)


    1. ADR Mission Design and De-orbiting Strategies applied to Heavy Targets

    2. Minimum-thrust problem and its application to trajectory optimization with thrust switchings

    3. A Novel Nonlinear Guidance Scheme for Power-Limited Autonomous Rendezvous with Fixed Docking Direction and Collision Avoidance Constraints

    4. Optimal Low Thrust Deorbiting of Passively Stabilized LEO Satellites

    5. Optimal low-thrust transfers in two-body and three-body dynamics

    6. Optimization of operative planning and efficiency for multi-satellite observation and communication constellations

    7. novel numerical optimisation of the Hohmann Spiral Transfer


    9. Optimal law for inclination change in an atmosphere through solar sailing

    10. High-Fidelity Optimum Electric Propulsion Transfer Design to GEO and MEO

    11. Optimal Lunar Landing Trajectory Design for Hybrid Engine

    12. Trajectory Optimization for Sun-Earth L5 Point Missions

    13. A Study on Low-Cost and Flexible Deep Space Exploration Utilizing a Concept of Interplanetary Parking Orbit

    14. New Technology for the Optimization of Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Maneuvers for the Purposes of Various Space Missions