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  • 7. Mission Design, Operations & Optimisation (2)


    1. Abort Capability Evaluation for Multi-stage space Transportation Systems

    2. Optimization of MicroCarb mission: Acquistion, Station Keeping and End of Life

    3. Novel Approaches to the Design of Fractionated Clusters for Long-Term Earth Observation Missions

    4. Electra - the implementation of all-electric propulsion on a geostationary satellite

    5. XMM-Newton’s operations preparation for the 4 wheel drive project

    6. Trajectory options for the Akatsuki recovery

    7. An Option for Chang’e-2’s Extended Flight: Near-Earth Asteroid Flyby Trajectories from the Sun-Earth L2 via Lunar Gravity Assist

    8. Earth Resonant Gravity Assists for Asteroid Retrieval Missions

    9. A robust Near Earth Asteroid mitigation campaign of multiple formation flying gravity tractors

    10. Optimal Spacecraft Trajectories For Expedition To Asteroid Apophis With Return To Earth

    11. MarcoPolo-R proximity trajectory analysis and design for binary asteroid 1996 FG3.

    12. access to mars from earth-moon libration point orbits: manifold and direct options

    13. Mapping of Jovian Moons via Multiple Flybys