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  • 9. Orbital Dynamics (2)


    1. out-of-plane extension of resonant encounters for escape and capture

    2. A New Strategy of Designing Low-Thrust Trajectories in Alternate Rotational Coordinates

    3. Dynamics of a Spacecraft in the Vicinity of Binary Asteroids

    4. Orbit Dynamics in the Vicinity of Contact Binary Asteroids

    5. Linear stability of the relative equilibria of a spacecraft around an asteroid

    6. Applications of SRP dominated highly non-Keplerian trajectories around minor bodies

    7. Combined Orbit Determination for CE-2 and Toutatis Based on Optical Imaging Data at Fly-by

    8. A simulation tool for Space Situational Awareness: Near Earth Objects

    9. Switch Points for Highly Eccentric Orbits: Modelling the Occurrences of Sign Changes in the Rate of Change of the Eccentricity

    10. Adaptive structures for spacecraft orbit control

    11. Numerical Approximation of Invariant Manifolds in the Restricted Three-Body Problem

    12. The Farside Explorer: Mission Analysis - Design and computation of a Quasi Ballistic transfer trajectory to the far side of the Moon