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  • 1. Space Structures I - Development and Verification (Space Vehicles and Components)


    1. Analyzing the fractal of the fracture of welding joint in aerospace industry to evaluate the fracture toughness

    2. development and demonstration of friction stir welding process towards realisation of propellant tanks for space programme

    3. New possibilities in creating of effective composite size-stable honeycomb structures designed for space purposes

    4. Study of Honeycomb Sandwich Structure for Tank Bearing Load

    5. Thermo mechanical architecture development of liquid hydrogen tanks for upper stages with use of cryogenic helium machine

    6. The Development History And Application Status Of China’s Manned Spacecraft Docking Mechanism

    7. dynamic analysis and validation for rotating separation of lm-5's large-scale payload fairing

    8. An automatic modeling method for POGO system of large liquid rockets

    9. inverse estimation on elastic parameter of particulate reinforced composites based on cax

    10. Analysis on carbon-carbon nozzle thermal stress of solid rocket motors

    11. Performance Investigation of Spaceborne Micro-vibration Isolation System Combined with Heat Pipe Cooling System