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  • 4. Advanced Materials and Structures for High Temperature Applications


    1. A competitive thermal protection system for hypersonic vehicles.

    2. Ablation behaviors of C/C-ZrC-ZrB2-SiC composites by means of arc heated wind tunnel up to 2000?

    3. Catalytic chemical vapor infiltration of carbon nanotube/nanofiber network reinforced carbon/carbon composites: catalytic effect on the densification behavior and matrix microstructure

    4. Design and Thermal Performance Test of a Novel Thermal Protection/Insulation Antenna Window for Long Time Reentry Space Vehicles

    5. Effect of Preform Structure about Mechanical Properties of Carbon/Carbon Composites

    6. investigation of the thermo-mechanical and ablative behaviour of silicon carbide based concretes exposed to hybrid propulsion environments.

    7. Investigation on the compressive properties of the 4D in-plane braided C/C composites

    8. Preparation of carbon fiber-reinforced silicon carbide matrix composite by reactive melt infiltration at modest temperature

    9. Progressive damage analysis of a 4D in-plane braided C/C composites subjected to unidirectional tension

    10. Research on Thermal Properties of High-performance Carbon Fiber

    11. Ablative Material Based On Epoxy Resin Filled With Hollow Glass And Phenolic Resin Microspheres

    12. The effect of polymerization techniques on the properties of carbon fiber

    13. The relationship between microstructure of SiC coating and tensile strength of CVD-SiC fibers