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  • 7. Space Vehicles – Mechanical/Thermal/Fluidic Systems


    1. Parametric Shape Optimization of Reentry Module for Space Missions

    2. Thermal modeling of the adaptive thermal control microsystem of the spacecraft

    3. Global error estimation in CFD mesh coarsening process for uncertainty quantification methods

    4. Cooling system for high energy potential space vehicle

    5. Heat Transfer Management by Aerospikes for a Hypothesized Lifting Body in Hypersonic Flow

    6. aerodynamic improvement of the brazilian satellite launch vehicle

    7. Numerical study of active cooling techniques of a nano satellite using CFD for performance enhancement

    8. Aerodynamic Design of a Capsule Configuration for High-speed Manned Re-entry

    9. variable inertia fluidic ring actuator on attitude control and residual fuel management systems

    10. the study on iot based manufacturing system for astronautical products

    11. Thermal Mapping and Trends of Mars Analog Materials in Sample Acquisition Operations Using Experimentation and Models

    12. Transient study about the heat transfer of sublimator combined with fluid loop

    13. Materials surface emissivity analyses performed by the combined use of dual and single color optical pyrometers