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  • 9. Advancements in Materials Applications and Rapid Prototyping


    1. deloyment characteristics of a new landing gear for lunar lander

    2. Numerical simulation of the stress and strain behavior of variable stiffness composite panels

    3. Applications of Graphene in Spacecraft Engineering

    4. Co-cure Manufacture Process and Evaluation of KSLV-II Interstage Composite Panels

    5. Friction Stir Weld Application and Tooling Design for the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Stage Adapter

    6. Fused Deposition Modeling techniques for manufacturing of cubesat based on modular design concept

    7. Research on insulation properties of high-speed aircraft lightweight heat-resistant materials in high-temperature environment

    8. Research on Technology of Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Applied to Aerospace Servo Products

    9. effect of LiF coating on the thermal oxidation characteristics for boron particles

    10. Technology discussion of SMD components used for micro spacecraft

    11. the applications of additive manufacturing in space developments

    12. The influence of ageing treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of TB2 titanium alloy