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  • 1. Propulsion System (1)


    1. The Development of LOX/LH2 Engine in China

    2. Development Status of the Cryogenic Oxygen/Hydrogen YF-77 Engine for Long-March 5

    3. The VINCI upper stage engine: the demonstration of maturity

    4. technology demonstration status of le-x engine

    5. Cyclone-4 Launch Vehicle III stage engine. Ground testing results

    6. Expand of Capabilities of Rocket and Space Complexes with High–Molecular Additives to Liquid Propellant Components

    7. Development and Test of the LOX/Methane Regenerative Cooled Rocket Engine (2nd Report)

    8. Technological Demonstration Tests of main Engine for Reusable Sounding Rocket

    9. System analysis and applied study in the field of a choice of rocket engines for perspective reusable launchers.

    10. Overview on Liquid Propulsion System Modeling Tools for Quick-Loop, Engineering and Design Studies

    11. Propulsion Control System Model for Liquid Rocket Engines Using Intelligent Techniques

    12. Performance Analyses for Propulsion System of CE-2 Satellite with the Extra Missions