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  • 2. Propulsion System (2)


    1. Solid rocket motors choices for Ariane 6 launcher

    2. Demonstration Technology Activities for Ariane 6 PPH Solid Rocket Motors Stages

    3. Characterization of the Ballistic Properties of the Novel ALAN-7 Solid Rocket Propellant

    4. experimental investigation of the pressure coupled responses of composite propellant with different ammonium perchlorate particles size

    5. Development of the Quasi-3D Model for the Grain Burnback Analysis of SRM's

    6. Multi-objective Optimization of Hybrid Rocket Motor and Decision-making Using a Hyper-Radial Visualization Method

    7. experimental investigation on a lab-scale hybrid rocket burning N2O/paraffin-based fuel and N2O/metal-loaded HTPB

    8. Visualization of Hybrid Combustion between Paraffin and Gaseous Oxygen

    9. Observation of the surface regression behavior of hybrid rocket fuel using a slab motor

    10. Regression Rate Models versus experimental Results for Hybrid Rocket Engines based on H2O2 and HTPB/Al

    11. Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Non-Equilibrium Flows of Hybrid Rocket Ignition using Size-Optimized Reaction Mechanism

    12. Aspects regarding hybrid combustion instability control