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    1. Experimental study on the high-pressure gas flow performance of orifice plates used in the rocket propellant pressurization system

    2. visualization technology of numerical simulation for launch vehicle during flight

    3. a possibility based mission design optimization for the space launch vehicle

    4. Experimental Research on Simulation of Rockets Takeoff

    5. A New Optics and Radar Strap-down Measuring System

    6. Research on Fast Testing Methos of Launch Vehicle

    7. Adaptive Fault-tolerant Control System of Reusable Launch Vehicle

    8. development of a linear sweeping frequency pressure generator for dynamic pressure calibration

    9. water suppression test on jet noise

    10. Stable tracking of Narrow-beam Instrumentation Radar of Space Tracking Ship

    11. An analytical for the designing of general assembly-test building of spacecraft launch site

    12. the analysis about the developing approaches of technologies of safely recycling and reusing launch vehicle core stages and rocket boosters

    13. Aerodynamic analysis of the USV3 vehicle from hypersonic to landing flight conditions

    14. Orbital transfer transport system base on upper stage technology

    15. Multi-disciplinary design and trajectory optimisation of a Single-Stage-to-Orbit Vehicle


    17. Rockoon LEEM Project

    18. A Framework for Integrating Different Space Launch Concepts for Efficient Space Launch Operations

    19. the solution of future space transport—the patent analysis of 3dp technology application in aerospace

    20. Aerothermodynamics of round leading edge airfoil with a flow-through duct at hypersonic speed

    21. Vacuum Maglev - a greener and sustainable space transport system that could kick-start further international collaboration.

    22. Research on the Integration of Small Launch Vehicle and Small Satellite Platform

    23. A Balloon Based Launch System for Micro/Nano/Pico-Satellites

    24. The Control System Simulation of New Launch Vehicle Based on HLA

    25. Manned Lunar Launching Mode and the Requirement for Heavy LAUNCH Vehicle

    26. study of a new aerospace vehicle project based on turbine-based combined cycle engine