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  • 1. Strategies & Architectures as the Framework for Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and Development


    1. A Common Framework for Contextualizing Space Exploration Strategies

    2. Potential European Contributions to International Exploration Scenarios

    3. Building Block Elements and Enabling Technologies for Exploration

    4. Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments (SHEE) - An Investigation of Design and Construction Principles

    5. Dependency network analysis: fostering the future of space with new tools and techniques in space Systems-of-Systems design and architecture

    6. Panorama of ideas on structures and materials for the design of a multi-modular manned space station located at EML2.

    7. Shackleton Energy Enabling Infrastructure for Solar System Industrialization

    8. Space Station 2.0: A Public-Private Model for International Space Exploration

    9. Interstellar Range Spacecraft Propulsion and Autonomous Systems Analysis for Interstellar Exploration with Multi-Generational Spacecraft

    10. Innovations In Up gradation In Infrastructure Of Space Crafts for Long Space Missions on NEO/Exoplanet.