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  • 1. Insuring Quality and Safety in a Cost Constrained Environment: Which Trade-Off?


    1. Legal and Policy Issues in Developing Commercial Launch Base and for Spacecraft Where Human Safety Issues Involved

    2. Licensing system of Space Activities in China: Status quo, Problems and Proposed Solutions

    3. Quality and security management systems

    4. Informed Consent in Commercial Space Transportation Safety

    5. The ensuring of the control system efficiency of technological systems of a rocket-space complex on pre-launch stage of its operation Dr. Vadim Kadzhaev, kava.tsenki@mail.ru

    6. Product Readiness Levels (PRLs) -- New Tools for Customers and Manufacturers to Reach a Consensus about Quality and Risks of Space Products

    7. Using Cost-of-Quality Indicators for the procurement of space systems

    8. Technology of the Space Station Health Management Integrated Engineering Environment and Virtual Test

    9. a reliability assurance framework for cots components used in space scientific payloads