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  • 4. Educational Pico and Nano Satellites


    1. i-INSPIRE II: University of Sydney’s 2nd generation nanosatellite for initial Integrated Nano Spectrograph, Propulsion, Imager and Radiation Explorer

    2. University design and build AUSROC Liquid Fueled Rocket System

    3. Design of a Plug and Play Solar Sail Module as the Propulsion System for Nanosatellites

    4. JUMPSAT: Qualifying three equipments in one Cubesat mission

    5. Academic prototype of a nanosatellite communications subsystem for hands-on activities by students

    6. Orbit determination approach for educational satellites using ground station networks

    7. Design and Development of Structural Sub-system for Twin Nano-satellite “STUDSAT-2”

    8. Swayam - Passively Stabilized Communication Satellite

    9. Space experiment ``BMSTU-Sail''

    10. Design, implementation, and testing of the T-Sat1 nanosatellite at the University of Manitoba

    . cubesat satellite projects and their impact in space education in developing countries