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  • 2. International Space Exploration Policies and Programmes


    1. Towards a coordinated European space exploration program

    2. Policy Innovation in Human Space Flight

    3. ESA’s recent developments in space exploration

    4. U.S. Space Studies Board Views on International Collaboration in Space Science

    5. The United Nations Human Space Technology Initiative (HSTI) Activity Status in 2013

    6. International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Global Networking Forum “Off the Earth, For the Earth – The next steps in human and robotic space exploration”

    7. In Situ Resources on the Moon and Mars: Some Consequences of Their Appropriation and Use

    8. Issues in Developing a Responsible Environmental Regime for Celestial Bodies

    9. Expanding Options for Implementing Planetary Protection during Human Space Exploration: Update on an IAA Study

    10. International Commercial Aerospace Activity Development Trends and China’s strategies

    11. International Space Exploration: Mapping Comparative Readiness Levels Across National Actors

    12. First Mission To Pluto: Policy, Politics, Science and Technology in the Origins of New Horizons, 1989-2003