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  • 3. International Regulations of Space Communications: Current Issues


    1. The equitable access to the GEO for developing countries: A pending challenge

    2. Efficient and Equitable Use of Orbit by Satellite Systems: “Paper Satellite” Issue Revisited

    3. Some Decisions of the WRC-12 related to ‘Paper Satellites’ and Equitable Access to Radio Frequencies and Geostationary Orbital Positions

    4. The ITU Radio Regulations and WRC-15 challenges related to space services

    5. International Regulations of Transmissions to Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Active SETI, Radar Astronomy, and the Radio Regulations

    6. The ITU's Evolving Regulatory Role for Space Debris 'Rules of the Road': Implications for Space Communications Regulation

    7. The current challenges of liability for loss of satellite-based services

    8. “ Product liability ramifications for erroneous GNSS signals: An alternative approach is possible?”

    9. ITU Instruments under the Perspective of General International Law