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  • 4. Legal Aspects of Space Debris Remediation


    1. Preserving the Outer Space Environment: the ‘Precautionary Principle’ Approach to Space Debris

    2. Drafting norms on space debris. A new task for the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee?

    3. Space Debris - emerging challenge, common concern and shared responsibility: legal considerations and directions towards secure and sustainable space environment

    4. Long-term sustainability of space activities versus imminent danger from space: is space law ready to meet the challenge?

    5. liability for space debris in the framework of private international space law

    6. International law liabilities from inactive space missions

    7. the due criteria and principles for the active space debris removal

    8. Space Debris Remediation- Common but Differentiated Responsibility

    9. The international regime for space debris remediation in light of commercialized space activities

    10. When the Nature and Duration of Space Becomes Appropriation: A Proposition – “Use” as a Legal Predicate for A State’s Objection to Active Debris Removal

    11. Analysis of non-cooperative space object remediation options

    12. Remediation of Space Debris through mechanism of the Right to Salvage

    13. Japanese Contribution to the Space Situational Awareness (SSA)

    14. China and Space Environment Protection: An Evaluation from an International Legal Perspective