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  • Self-contained onboard LV stage disposal system based on energy resources unexpended after SC orbital insertion

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    Mr. Dimitri Baranov, Samara Space Centre "TsSKB-Progress", Russian Federation


    Dr. Yuriy Makarov, Roscosmos, Russian Federation


    Prof.Dr. Valeriy Trushlyakov, Omsk State Technical University, Russian Federation


    Dr. Yakov Shatrov, Central Research Institute for Machine Building (FGUP TSNIIMASH), Russian Federation



    The purpose of the self-contained onboard launch vehicle stage disposal system (SODS) is a major improvement of launch vehicle environmental footprint due to:
    -	upper stages deorbiting from critical regions of near-earth space (with controllable orbit exit and safe descent to the Earth’s surface or transfer to graveyard orbits);
    -	controllable delivery of lower stages to impact areas that have a significantly smaller size compared to those used for existing LVs;
    -	complete elimination of remaining propellant components in LV stages delivered to impact areas.
    The aim of SODS is to a provide a directional velocity impulse to a LV stage after its separation from the upper stage or to a SC by means of using energy resources remaining in LV stages.
    SODS operation concept is the gasification of residual components of propellant fuels and their use in combination with pressurizing gas as a working medium for special gas rocket engines designed to stabilize the stage and generate a velocity impulse.
    SODS key conceptual requirements:
    -	minimal changes in the design of LV stages caused by SODS installation;
    -	acceptable weight loss of the payload deployable in orbit;
    -	design flexibility of SODS and its parts with respect to different class LVs stages.
    SODS composition:
    -	gasification system designed to produce a heat-transfer medium with desired properties and parameters;
    -	four chambers of gas rocket engines;
    -	gas rocket engines fuel feed system;
    -	LV stage propellant tanks;
    -	guidance, navigation and control system;
    -	self-contained electrical power supply.
    SODS design process:
    -	development and experimental testing of parts;
    -	SODS installation on the first and second stages of light-class LVs such as Souyz-2-1v and its testing as a concurrent task during planned LV operations;
    -	equipping of other class LVs with tested SODS units.
    SODS state of the art:
    -	the justification of the need for SODS to achieve the desired purpose has been completed ;
    -	tentative characteristics and composition of SODS required to solve the design problem have been formulated ;
    -	a theoretical and experimental researches for the selection of main design characteristics of parts and requirements applicable to SODS as a whole has been carried out.
    The proponents of SODS development project will readily consider proposals from any interested parties regarding their possible involvement in the project.
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