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  • 2. Small Space Science Missions


    1. The IRIS Small Explorer Mission

    2. The Canadian CASSIOPE Small Satellite Mission: the Enhanced Polar Outflow Probe and CASCADE Technology Demonstration Payload

    3. On-Orbit Performance of the BRITE Nanosatellite Astronomy Constellation

    4. Using CubeSat/Micro-Satellite Technology to Demonstrate the Autonomous Assembly of a Reconfigurable Space Telescope (AAReST)

    5. Eu:CROPIS: a DLR – Compact Satellite Mission

    6. CEPHEUS, a multi-project satellite for technology qualification.

    7. research and development of mass driver for microsatellite

    8. The SHIELD Mission: Demonstrating a Mini-Magnetosphere Spacecraft Radiation Shield

    9. Development and in orbit testing of an X Ray Detector within a 2U CubeSat

    10. The AFIS Detector: Measuring Antimatter Fluxes on Nanosatellites

    11. Status of the QB50 Cubesat Constellation Mission