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  • 4. Attitude Dynamics (2)


    1. KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned from the Dynamical Behavior of Orbiting Satellites

    2. a direct adaptive control law using modified rodrigues parameters for iss attitude regulation during free-flyer capture operations

    3. An exponentially fast attitude tracking controller on the rotation group

    4. active damping algorithm of the international space station structure vibration

    5. A distributed attitude control law for formation flying based on the Cucker-Smale model

    6. In Orbit Noise Evaluation of COTS Sensors used for Attitude Determination on AAUSAT3

    7. Retraction of the tether on last stag of the deployment procedure for tether-assisted re-entry

    8. Robust Nonlinear Control of Underactuated Spacecraft using a Single Thruster

    9. A Magnetic Control Law for Fast Detumbling of Spacecraft

    10. attitude determination for small spin satellite based on navigation receiver with single antenna

    11. Attitude Control System of the Eu:CROPIS Mission

    12. Development of Total Orbital Real-time Attitude control Simulator for Small Satellites