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  • 1. Space-Based Solar Power Architectures / Space & Energy Concepts


    1. Space Power Symposium Peter Glaser Lecture

    2. Proposal on a SPS WPT Demonstration Experiment Satellite

    3. studies on assembly technology of deployable truss structure for space solar power systems

    4. Mathematical Modeling of Mirror Concentrating System for Space High-Temperature Solar Power Plant

    5. Comparison of Orbital Locations for Solar Power Satellite Systems

    6. Space Solar Power Mission Analysis and Design

    7. Optimising a global renewable energy grid – Roles for space

    8. Issues in Spectrum Allocation for Proposed Space Based Solar Power Systems

    9. Unbundling Space Power Systems to foster applications of Space-to-Space Power Beaming

    10. Winning paper of the 3rd SGAC-IAF Paper Competition