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  • 4. Small and Very Small Advanced Space Power Systems


    1. electrical power system optimization for nanosatellite

    2. An Approach for the Robust Design of the Power Systems of Small Satellites

    3. Development of a Testing Standard of COTS Lithium-ion Batteries for Nano-Satellites

    4. innovative power generation methods for nano-satellites using the attitude determination and control system

    5. Electrical Power System for ESTCube-1 nanosatellite: lessons learned from in-orbit operations

    6. design of secondary source of power, fault monitoring and protection systems for nano satellite studsat 2a/2b

    7. Preliminary Study of Electric Double Layer Capacitor as an Energy Storage of Simple Nanosatellite Power System

    8. Electronic Power System for Small Satellites

    9. Robust Sizing Optimization of Small Satellite Power System under Epsitemic Uncertainty Impacts

    10. electrical power system for twin nano satellite mission