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  • 1. International Cooperation in Earth Observation Missions


    1. 2015 activities of the CEOS

    2. v-GLOBE, a "One step Beyond" program under way in Europe inaugurating a new International Cooperative scheme for Earth Observation.

    3. the role of world meteorological organization in developing a space-based architecture for climate monitoring. wenjian zhang. wmo space programme. world meteorological organization (wmo)

    4. Satellite formations and constellations for synergetic missions: a paradigm for international cooperation in Earth observation

    5. Affordable Landsat Solutions Leading to Improved Revisit Times

    6. Taiwan’s Formosat Satellites in Responses to Asia Pacific Regional Disasters with Sentinel Asia

    7. Intercomparison of water vapour and temperature retrievals between the CSA's ACE-FTS and the UCAR/NSPO's COSMIC/Formosat-3 satellites, and presentation of a new algorithm for retrieving temperature.

    8. The evolution of Earth Observation satellites in Europe and worldwide and its Impact on the performance of emergency response services

    9. The Proposed NISAR Instrument Overview: Dual Frequency (L- and S-band) SAR

    10. unesco - china center: utilizing earth observation for the conservation of worldwide natural and cultural heritage