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  • 3. Small Satellite Operations


    1. Low Cost Successful Space Operations: the AGILE Mission

    2. Microsatellites Ground Operations and Best Practices from the Experience of UniSat-6

    3. UKube-1 planning and operations

    4. Mission past results and future plans of Space tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite STARS

    5. Lessons learned from in orbit operations of the UWE-3 pico-satellite

    6. CanX-4 and CanX-5: Precision Formation Flight Mission Accomplished

    7. On-Line Collision Hazard Assessment for Fractionated Satellite Clusters with Proximity Relative Motion

    8. NanosatCS: A Ground Control and Monitoring System for Brazilian Scientific Cubesat – NanosatC-BR1

    9. ESEO Ground Segment Software Solutions:\\* Design, Implementation and Testing

    10. RAISIN - Radio Amateur International Satellite Information Network

    11. Navigation development program for the ADDASAT microsatellite

    12. Agile Process for Embedded Software Development of Small satellites' Onboard computer

    13. actuation system for attitude control of twin-Nano-satellite studsat-2