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  • session 6A
  • 6A. Generic Technologies for Small/Micro Platforms


    1. An active Attitude Control system for a Drag Sail Satellite

    2. Design and development of the deorbit system for microsatellites.

    3. Small satellite for biomedical research based on the “AIST” small spacecraft platform

    4. Research on Application of Time Synchronization in Small Satellite Test

    5. Single-board architecture: an innovative way towards tablet satellite

    6. Generic space micro platform Baumanets-2: on the verge of the launch

    7. JAXA Small GPS/Whl Demo Box: In-orbit demonstration experiment of small satellite components using Exposed Experiment Platform on JEM

    8. Control system design for micro satellite in-cabin based on visual navigation

    9. A low cost high performance gyro for small/micro satellites in LEO

    10. SDS-4 Attitude Control System: Three years in-orbit operation results

    11. x50: reducing cost and schedule while being modular and adaptable for removedebris

    12. After Rosetta & Myriade, Now a new generation of Radio equipment for Merlin & Myriade Evolution