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  • 3. Advanced Space Power Technologies and Concepts


    1. Thermoacoustic Generators in Space Applications

    2. Conceptual design of hybrid system for long-term space mission by using MeOH-H2O2

    3. Efficiency Increase of Stirling Engine as an Element of Space Solar Power Plant

    4. RFCS concept for orbit phases and planetary habitats at high synergetic integration level

    5. Solar Power Generation for the Exomars Missions

    6. Development of Super-Lightweight Large Scale Power Generation System for Solar Power Sail

    7. The Life Predetermination for LEO Satellite Power Supply System In- Orbit Experiment

    8. Power-supply system of spacecraft on the base of zirconia fuel cells

    9. Generation of power to charge the batteries in the spacecraft by harnessing the energy from the shock waves during re-entry.