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  • 4. Small and Very Small Advanced Space Power Systems


    1. Selection of the array configuration of solar cells and batteries for increasing the efficiency of a boost converter on nanosatellites

    2. design and implementation of electrical power system for studsat 2

    3. RoBiSat Mission: Double Unit CubeSat Power Estimation in context of QB50 mission

    4. Optimal Design of the Power System of a Swarm of Nanosatellites in the Proximity of an Asteroid

    5. Design & Analysis of UPESSAT Electric Power System

    6. Architectural Design of radiation-hardened SoC Solution for Nanosatellite Power Management

    7. The Simple Things Matter Most for Mission Success

    8. Qualification tests and performance validation of power system for small satellites

    9. Effect of orbital parameters and flexible panel configurations on Power system in Twin Nano-satellite