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  • 2. Lift-Off - Secondary Space Education


    1. astro pi: launch your code into space

    2. Experiencing Space by Exploring the Earth – Easy-to-use Image Processing Tools in School Lessons

    3. TELEM BAMOT - Encouraging Young Girls to learn Technological Studies

    4. Factors Influencing Space Education Female Pipeline: An International Comparative Study.

    5. From Peer Learning to Self Learning: Competition Teams.

    6. Building Self-Taught Scientists: Students from a Traditionally Low Academically Performing Region Excel through Self Teaching Mediums such as Wikipedia and Hands on Learning

    7. DREAM to Space - Space Mission development as an "Enabler" for kids into the fiels of Math, Science, Engineering and Technology (STEM) - A collaboration between IAI - MBT space, TAASIEDA and Rabin high school in Azur, Israel.

    8. Nordic ESERO teacher training courses and resources

    9. Space Education Program Using ALOS-2 Earth Observation Data

    10. Space and Science education: Motivating lessons of physics with earth observation satellites