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  • 3. On Track - Undergraduate Space Education


    1. Passing the Baton: Achieving Long Term Growth and Sustainability in Undergraduate Space Education and Outreach Organizations

    2. Stanford Student Space Initiative: Universities and Space Development

    3. Aerospace Engineering Education in Universities using Cubesats

    4. Investigation of using university multidisciplinary capstone Design Courses to Teach Space Systems Engineering, Fundamental Space Science, and Human Factors

    5. Astronomy Research activities and challenges in Nepal

    6. Project Based Aerospace Engineering Graduation at Undergraduate Level for Success in Astronautics

    7. Space research education activities in the Space Dosimetry Group of the MTA Centre for Energy Research

    8. eleonora, a 3U cubesat for the canadian satellite design challenge

    9. bolivia, from what we know to what we have

    10. Enabling Near-Space Research With The 2015 BalloonSat Workshop

    11. The Educational Aspects of Polish Student Satellite PW-Sat2

    12. Design and Fabrication of Mobile Arm Support System for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy guided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Systems Engineering Handbook