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  • 6. Calling Planet Earth - Space Outreach to the General Public


    1. Public outreach activities of an ISS mission control center during an astronaut mission of national interest

    2. Advocating science and space - the story of Israel's only dedicated website, operateing from 1997 to date

    3. Corporate Social Responsibility – An Effective Means of Space Outreach to All

    4. The European Rover Challenge as a motivator and integrator for young robotics teams on their paths to conduct research and commercialize technological solutions.

    5. The importance of offering space education in an informal museum environment

    6. "The Spaceship" – live and interactive space news in Hebrew

    7. Celebrating the World Space Week, way to reach a broader audience

    8. effective and sustainable outreach of space science and technology: middle east and central america cases

    9. Increasing impact of astronaut visits to schools by early preparation, exemplified by “Community Days” of the ASE Planetary Congress Inspired by Space

    10. Space and the society, Nigeria.