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  • 3B. Mars Exploration – Science, Instruments and Technologies


    1. IRENA, demonstrating re-entry technologies for Mars aerocapture

    2. Exomars 2016: Schiaparelli Mission Analysis

    3. launch campaign of exomars 2016 planetary protection implementation

    4. Exomars: sample preperation and distribution system and instruments under development

    5. Thermal and heat transfer studies using the HABIT instrument on the ExoMars 2018 Surface Platform.

    6. Lyman Alpha Absorption Cell Photometer aboard ISRO’s MOM Spacecraft: Development challenges, onboard operations and preliminary results

    7. MEDA, six senses for the NASA Mars2020 rover: designing a versatile instrument to pulse the Mars climate

    8. Design concepts and implementation of the Lightweight Advanced Robotic Arm Demonstrator (LARAD)

    9. Laboratory and Eifel Field Spectroscopy of Mars Analogue Samples

    10. The water of mars is drinkable?

    11. What role can fungi pay in terraforming Mars?