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  • 5. Near-Earth and Interplanetary Communications


    1. NewSpace: Business Models at the Interface of Space and Digital Economy - Chances in an interconnected World

    2. Lessons learned from 30 years of experience in ground networks design

    3. opportunities and challenges of satellite communications in maritime VHF bands

    4. Small Satellites for Telecommunications and Science Missions

    5. The NASA interplanetary network and the adoption of communications lasers.

    6. Design And Development Of A Satellite On-Board Communication System With Navigation Capabilities

    7. High Precision One-way Doppler Measurement Experiment of New Horizons Based on China’s Deep Space Network Antenna

    8. the propagation characteristic of the qpsk signals in reentry plasmas

    9. FPGA Implementation Of A High Throughput Error Correcting Tele-command Decoder

    10. Design and hardware implementation OF CCSDS Proximity-1 Protocol for Rover Communication – Data and Timing services