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  • 2. Wireless Power Transmission Technologies, Experiments and Demonstrations


    1. Space‐to‐Space Power Beaming - An Evolving Commercial Mission to Unbundle Space Power Systems to Foster Space Applications

    2. The current status of microwave power transmission for SSPS

    3. Sidelobe Reduction for GEO to Earth Wireless Power Transfer

    4. Characterization of RF to DC converters for L-band and S-band power transmission

    5. Optimal Design of Rectenna Array in MPT System for SSPS

    6. Sea-based Rectennae for Earth and Titan

    7. Laser Based Power and Data Transmission Technology Demonstration and Applications On-Board International Space Station

    8. Concord of Subsystems Parameters of Space Laser Power Transmission Complex

    9. Enabling Interstellar Travel – The Need for a Diverse Mix of Advanced Energy Concepts: Safe Tracking Laser Power Transmission, Harvesting probes, Future Propulsion Systems and How to Start Today.