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  • session 5-C4.7
  • 5-C4.7. Joint Session on Nuclear Power and Propulsion


    1. European Radioisotope-Based Space Nuclear Power Systems

    2. What Is Nuclear Power's Niche In Deep Space Missions?

    3. Conceptual Mission Design for the Europa Jupiter System Using Thermonuclear Fusion Propulsion System

    4. DEMOCRITOS: Demonstrator projects of a MW class nuclear electric spacecraft.

    5. The Plausibility of Utilization of Gas Core Reactors for Deep Space Missions

    6. Multi-Physics Impact and Criticality Modeling of Space Reactor Systems

    7. Potential use of thermoelectric generators for small satellites missions.

    8. Computational Magneto-Hydro Dynamics of a Magnetic Flux Compression Reaction Chamber

    9. Thorium based Nuclear Technology for the Development of Martian Civilization