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  • The importance of a commercial space transportation online digital document collection & framework to keep the public informed and current: warts & all. http://contentdm.nmsu.edu.

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    Dr. Patricia Hynes, New Mexico Space Grant Consortium, United States



    Research Problem: In a paper delivered to the IAC in 2014, the FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation discussed the work being conducted on the Development of a Framework to Capture a Body of Knowledge (BOK) for Commercial Spaceport Best Practices. The work of updating the BOK continues.  The Framework is updated to include information on the lessons learned from the accidents and incidents that have occurred recently in the commercial spaceflight industry.  The public is habituated to go to a single site to quickly search and find information that contains publicly available documents developed as a result of commercial spaceflight incidents and accidents.     
    Methodology: The Spaceport BOK and Framework is accessible on the web through the New Mexico State University (NMSU) Library Digital Collections, http://contentdm.nmsu.edu. This website contains a Document Management System (DMS) that allows the user to directly go to documents that are either in on the site or are within another website. Expanding the Framework to include the FAA  a Lessons Learned list of aviation  Accident Threat Categories and Aviation Accident Groupings, many of which relate to commercial space transportation.  The expanded Framework and BOK will allow the causes of recent commercial space incidents and accidents to be easily accessible to anyone. 
    Results: The FAA Accident Threat Categories include Fuel Tank Ignition, Landing Takeoff Excursion, Structural Failure, Flight Deck Layout/Avionics Confusion and other areas that have been the cause of accidents and incidents. The number of public documents which identify the causes of accidents and incidents in the Commercial Space Transportation industry is unfortunately increasing as the number events increase.  This is a new industry. This BOK, available as a digital collection of thousands of pages of documents from multiple sources, is useful to help states and countries view easily the BOK for spaceport operations. An updated collection allow cities and counties to understand major job categories and will provide an ongoing update of what is occurring at existing spaceports.  Lessons learned from reviewing the recent past and the capability to use a document management system (DMS) will make this task easier to accomplish. The better the information for the investors the better their decisions and related expectations for return on investment.
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