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  • 2. Fluid and Materials Sciences


    1. Characterization of Hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys at near Microgravity, High Undercooling Conditions

    2. Integrated Analysis of Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics and Thermal Response for Mars Entry Vehicles along the Trajectory

    3. Laminar diffusion flame propagation over thermally destructing material

    4. Oscillation Characteristics of Buoyant-Thermocapillary Convection in An Open Annular Pool

    5. Experimental Investigation on Effect of Pressure and Mass Flow Rate on Cryogenic Line Chill Down Process

    6. Computer visualization of fluid displacement instability in porous medium

    7. Materials Science Research Progress of the Chinese Manned Space Program

    8. Thermal vibrational convection in a plane layer excited by rotating force field

    9. Zonal flow in the rotating spherical cavity with fluid and free inner core under librations

    10. Multiphase media in oscillating microforce field

    11. The effect of external magnetic field on dynamics of two-dimensional isotropic MHD