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  • 3. Microgravity Experiments from Sub-Orbital to Orbital Platforms


    1. MAIUS-1 - Creating the first Bose-Einstein Condensate in Space

    2. The MAIUS Sounding Rocket Missions – Recent Results, Lessons Learned and Future Activities

    3. Results from the PerWaves microgravity experiment on-board MAXUS-9

    4. Flat Plate Pulsating Heat Pipe with self-rewetting fluid in parabolic flight conditions

    5. Microgravity tests in preparation of a Tethered Electromagnetic Docking space demonstration

    6. Microgravity validation for xenon propellant distributions

    7. PACMAN Experiment: on-ground test results as baseline for parabolic flight demonstration

    8. Space experiment preparation: SELf-rewetting fluid for ENErgy management (SELENE)

    9. DREAM Project as a first sub-orbital experiment to examine a drilling process in microgravity conditions.

    10. analysis of scaled robotic arm manipulators under microgravity conditions

    11. microgravity diffusion flames spreading over a thick solid fuel in low-velocity flows

    12. The Pattern Transformation of Thermocapillary Convection in An Open Annular Pool on SJ-10 Satellite