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  • 4. Science Results from Ground Based Research


    1. The quantum of energy transported during evaporation: Investigation of a fundamental constant

    2. Near-critical density filling of the SF6 fluid cell for the ALI-R-DECLIC experiment in weightlessness

    3. Characterization of Hypoeutectic Al-Si alloys at near Microgravity, High Undercooling Conditions

    4. Ground Measurements of Molecular Diffusion in Multicomponent Liquid Systems in the Frame of the DCMIX Research Program

    5. Simulations of hydrodynamic processes for astrophysical objects in 3D statement on meshes of high resolution

    6. The effects of the space environment on seismic data collection: Regolith type, atmosphere and gravity

    7. Research on Dynamic Scale of Floating Pedestal Manipulator System in Ground Microgravity Simulated Experimental Environment

    8. Experimental structure for Cosmic Radiation’s interaction on spacecraft with spinning artificial gravity