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  • 6. Microgravity Sciences Onboard the International Space Station and Beyond - Part 1


    1. DECLIC : a new and promising life aboard the ISS

    2. Fluidics : Fluid Dynamic in space experiment

    3. ANITA2 Flight Model Development – A status report of the multicomponent ISS Air Analyser

    4. Access to Space: a new approach by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

    5. The Design of Standard Controller for Microgravity Science Experiments: General Requirement and Solution

    6. Control Performance Simulation and Analysis for Microgravity Vibration Isolation System in Chinese Space Station

    7. The multi-disciplinary optimization of space experimental device using radial basis function in modelcenter

    8. OHB Microgravity Payloads: An insight into Plasma Kristall-4