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    1. onboard mission scheduling for the camera subsystem of uoksat-3

    2. Real Time Prediction and Control of Spacecraft Health using Neural Networks

    3. SpaceCRAFT: A Virtual Reality Sandbox Environment

    4. Mapping Strategy for Large Area Using Optical Payload On Micro-satellite

    5. ADIA-L: Implementation and Integration of a Model-Based Autonomous Diagnostic System as Payload for the Nanosatellite Mission SONATE

    6. Uniform, Multi-Level Compass protocol for the NetSat Formation Flying Mission

    7. A Concurrent Balancing Mechanism for Cubesat Attitude Hardware-in-the-loop Design and Simulation

    8. Dynamics Modeling of Flexible Spacecraft Combination Connected by a Space Manipulator

    9. Autonomous Station-keeping Strategy for Geostationary Satellite with Electric Propulsion System

    10. A Control Method of Tendon Actuated Lightweight In-Space MANipulator Based on Cable

    11. digital simulation platform for space operations mission verification

    12. 'Israel 70' project as a case study for space big-data (SBD)