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  • 5. Technologies for Future Space Transportation Systems


    1. The Next Frontier: Transportation for the Cislunar Marketplace

    2. Conceptual Design for Pulsed Arc Propelled Space Tug Services

    3. Aerothermal Characteristics of a Gliding Reentry Vehicle with Low Ballistic Coefficient and High Lift-to-drag

    4. Technology demonstrations and system design for reusable rocket flight experiments

    5. Developments on Low Cost Manufacturing Methods for Cylindrical Launcher Structures

    6. Ascent adaptive guidance for power system fault of heavy lift launch vehicle

    7. Flight Path Design of a Reusable Rocket Flight Demonstrator

    8. Parachute-landing recovery technology of Launch vehicle stage

    9. Update on Risk Reduction Activities for a Liquid Advanced Booster for NASA’s Space Launch System

    10. a hydrogen-turbo-pump-powered thrust vector control servo system for high thrust liquid-hydrogen-liquid-oxygen rocket engines

    11. ARIANE 6 - New Aerostructures for the new European Launcher

    12. Numerical Research on the Separation Process of Launch Vehicle's Boosters with the Impingement of Multiple Nozzle Plumes of its Core Stage

    13. Research and Development of Revolutionary Low Cost Space Transportations for Space Infrastructure Constructions