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  • Launching an Artist-Astronaut Mission and Bending Horizons in Aeronautics.

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    Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, ESA Topical Team Arts & Science, Australia



    Bending Horizons is launched as an artist-astronaut Mission: an adapted business model designed to disrupt space exploration roadmaps. The metrics for success are driven by mission achievement. The purpose of the model is to execute a range of inter-related investigative, validation and review processes to spark a paradigmatic shift in artist access to space for the greater good and the future of humanity. The priority is to set precedence for arts-led research in-situ in space, and initiate opportunities for artist access to prerequisite spaceflight analogue and simulation training to challenge long-held views about the kinds of architecture that can be innovated upon. The focus on discovery serves to influence legal, policy and procurement frameworks influencing stakeholders, and also sector mission cost/budget justifications. Implementing the Bending Horizons vision includes the strategic deployment, publication and demonstration of a wide range of validation benchmarks, technology readiness levels, and inspirational artefacts. There are multiple layers of direct audience/customers and indirect beneficiaries in the intersecting space and culture ecosystem. Identifying these beneficiaries and the potential for influence across the range of mission architectures will lead to the long-term support of projects, and on-going iterative development. For independent artist/social entrepreneurs, this model supplements space and defence priorities, and compliments cultural policies, to respond to the complexity of value propositions related to the multiplicity of factors influencing market fit and the diversity of cultural, commercial, and government stakeholders. The broad outcomes of this project will be the first worldwide articulation on performing astronautics. The significance is the opportunity to critique, and entice extreme risk-taking, and also develop new experimental ways that would make it possible for the human experience of discovery to be examined through artistic engagement, and developed for the benefit of the vision for a better future for humanity.
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