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  • 4. Earth Observation Data Management Systems


    1. International Cooperation for the Management of Climate Data and Services

    2. The German Copernicus Data and Exploitation platform “CODE-DE” – online data access and big data processing

    3. What Happens When Open Data Gets Big? Opportunities and Risks for Earth Observation

    4. BigDataCube: Making Big Data a Commodity

    5. An Outlook on Landsat Data Management Strategy

    6. on-orbit data mining technology for earth observation image processing

    7. The Sentinel-3 Payload Data Ground Segment Elements -- Designed for Scalability and Adaptability

    8. Robust Surveillance Analysis Tool for Natural Object Detection Using Hyperspectral and Lidar Imagery

    9. A Cloud-based platform for geo-analytics production from big satellite data: Rheticus®

    10. High Performance Supercomputing Virtual Environment for Geo-information Processing in Mexico

    11. A Novel Smarter Data Process Method For Remote Sensing Big Data

    12. Near Real Time Processing Framework for Remote Sensing Based Maritime Surveillance Applications

    13. Automated Cloud and Cloud Shadow Detection, Removal and Filling on Landsat, MODIS and Sentinel Data