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  • 6. Cooperative and Robotic Space Systems


    1. TIM: A Formation of Small Satellites for Photogrammetric Earth Observation

    2. arm/cmg cooperative control of space robot satellite

    3. CAESAR: Space Robotics technology for assembly, maintenance, and repair

    4. The OHB Roadmap for Automation and Robotics in Space – Key Technologies for future Exploration and Orbital Systems

    5. Modular Active Payload Modules for Robotic Handlings in Future Orbital Missions

    6. FUCO (Fuel Consumption Optimization): A distributed computing solution for autonomous maneuvers in a constellation

    7. Towards an autonomous free-flying robot fleet for intra-vehicular transportation of loads in unmanned space stations

    8. Collision detection and isolation for free-foating space robots

    9. Monocular-based pose determination of uncooperative known and unknown space objects

    10. Methods and outcomes of the COMRADE project - Design of robust Combined control for robotic spacecraft and manipulator in servicing missions: comparison between Hinf and nonlinear Lyapunov-based approaches

    11. On-line center of mass and inertia determination of a space debris during a deorbiting mission

    12. The ERGO framework and its use in planetary/orbital scenarios