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  • 2. Systems and Infrastructures to Implement Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and Development


    1. CO2 hydrogenation and water electrolyzer tandem system to generate oxygen and water

    2. Powering Space: The Potential Role of Solar Power in Exploration, Development and Settlement

    3. The First Commercial Airlock Module: Building the Commercial Space Market

    4. A biological nutrient cycle for a partially self-sufficient colony

    5. Gateway Earth Taking Off: Detailing Infrastructure and Mission Logistics

    6. Mars In-Situ Water Extraction while preparing a Hardened Landing Zone

    7. Benefits and Approaches of Artificially Inducing Gravity in Deep-Space Habitats Utilizing Torpor

    8. Mars Expedition Resupply Nodes [MERN]: Design of Reusable, Transportable In Situ Resource Utilisation Modules for Sustainable Martian Infrastructure

    9. Space based electricity system by using Martian dust storms

    10. Conceptual Design of a High-Power Solar-Electric Transportation System for Mars Exploration

    11. Micro-satellites for interplanetary and deep space exploration – potential, limitations, and capabilities

    12. Future space missions with reconfigurable modular payload modules and standard interface – an overview of the SIROM Project

    13. Strategic design research and master planning for construction of complex infrastructure